Knee Information


Total knee replacement using Visionaire

To pre-plan and optimise positioning and sizing of knee replacements Dr Blythe uses the Visionaire Patient-Specific Instrumentation system.

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How long will I be in hospital after a TKR?

Usually two to five days. If you live alone, have mobility or medical issues or suffer a complication you may require longer. Depending on these factors some patients may require care by a rehabilitation physician before going home.

How long does it take to recover from a TKR?

It is quite normal to have some heat, pain and swelling for the first twelve weeks after a TKR. It will typically take six to twelve months to achieve maximal recovery.

How long will I require crutches after a TKR?

Walking aids are for security and are not mandatory. Most patients will use crutches or a walking stick for two to six weeks.

Will I have staples that need to be removed?

No, Dr Blythe only uses dissolvable sutures for TKR. The waterproof dressing needs to be kept intact until the two week post-operative appointment.

How soon after a TKR can I drive?

You are able to drive after six weeks providing you feel safe and confident to do so.